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Soichi comes home to earth

The yokohama native spent just over five months as a flight engineer aboard the external space station, going back to earth today via a russian soyuz craft.Which longest time any japanese astronaut has yet spent in.

In january nasa had finally equipped the station with live internet, and not long after noguchi started a live twitter Ralph Lauren Polo Handbags feed as astro_soichi.

In point of fact, several of noguchi twitpics became material:The nat geo news site has shown the astronaut views of iceland erupting eyjafjallajokull volcano, the shuttle discovery rolling over someplace sunny and warm, the moon distorted by earth natural environment, and the iss about to fly with the aurora, a few.

No doubt noguchi is glad to be home after working months in the iss cramped quarters. (Sensed powerfully the scents of grass and soil right now the craft hatch opened, noguchi told the mainichi daily basis news. )

But his fans will sorely miss his unique judgment on our home planet, not to mention his willingness to use his spare time to beam his visions back home via the wonders of modern tools.

As a parting gratitude to astro_soichi, here are a Free Delivery few of snap shots chronicling his shared journey:

Azure waters swirl off the coast of.Soichi must have been imagining the gulf oil spill when he took the shot, writing in his twitpic west coast of florida clean.Atlantis visit to the iss in late may marked the final flight of that one shuttle.

Astronomy scopes on the internet:Soichi took this picture of n.Chile atacama desert, days of the alma radio telescope array, now being built. (See Cheap Ralph Lauren Shirts more design of the cupola. )

Rusty colored sediments running into nowhere seas off madagascar create an abstract as seen from the Ralph Lauren Coat iss.

Given with snow, mount fuji looms over the encircling japanese countryside.Soichi clicked this shot on the morning of his hundredth day in orbit.

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